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Furusato Kakashi

Kakashi are Japanese Scarecrows.

In the mountains of the Hyogo Prefecture is “Okuharima Kakashi Village”, where you will find the “original scenery of your hometown” that will warm your heart. Only two hours from Osaka and one hour from Himeji Castle, this village is home to 130 scarecrows and more than a dozen villagers. Villagers have been trying to revitalize the regional area to combat the decreasing population, one villager started by making Kakashi people. Created one by one, the villager is working hard to bring the village back to life. Now you have a chance to become a supporter of the Kakashi scarecrows in the village! A name plate will be attached to the supported Kakashi scarecrow, and we will send you a photo. This will be displayed for about three years; the terms are subject to change.

< Newly Created Kakashi Scarecrow Supporter > US $380   < Co-Supporters of existing Kakashi Scarecrows > US $120
  • A new Kakashi scarecrow will be created just for you. The Kakashi has to match the atmosphere of the village, but we will do our best to make Kakashi scarecrows that are as close to your wishes as possible. No Elvis in the village, sorry!
  • Choose your favorite Kakashi scarecrow already on display in the village and become one of the co-supporters. You can choose from the many themes such as "Hina Festival ", "Elementary School Kids", "Mr. Grumpy" and others.
Newly Created Original Kakashi   Mr. Grumpy Kakashi
Newly Create Original Kakashi Supporter: $380   Mr. Grumpy Kakashi Co-Supporter: $120
 Elementary School Kids Kakashi   Hina Festival Kakashi
Elementary School Kids Kakashi Co-Supporter: $120   Hina Festival Kakashi Co-Supporter: $120
Autumn Breeze Kakashi   Bug Catchers Kakashi
Autumn Breeze Kakashi Co-Supporter: $120   Bug Catchers Kakashi Co-Supporter: $120
Take a Break Kakashi  

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Take a Break Kakashi Co-Supporter: $120    

 Furusato Kakashi

~ FAQ Frequently Asked Questions ~

      1. How long does it take to create a Kakashi scarecrow? A: It takes about 1 week to 10 days.
      2. Is it possible to have the new Kakashi scarecrow sent to the United States? A: No, the size of the Kakashi scarecrow is large and it is difficult to send it overseas.
      3. Can I go see the scarecrow? A: Please go see it! If you are a supporter, you can request to prepare village clothes for photography, please contact us when you decide to visit your buddy!
      4. Can the displayed names be the name of the organization? A: Yes, the name of an organization, company, or nickname are all accepted, so please let us know your preference. Only when you have permission from the relevant organization/company. If there are multiple people who are jointly supporting, the name plate will be a joint name.
      5. Is it okay to support from outside the United States? A: Yes, please keep in mind all payments will be processed in US dollars.
      6. Where are the supporting Kakashi scarecrows displayed? A: They are located indoors, in a private house or facility within the village. We try to prevent deterioration as much as possible by decorating it indoors. 
      7. Is it possible to cancel after applying? A: You can cancel free of charge within 7 days from your order. After the 8th day, no refund will be made

~ Okuharima Kakashi Village~


Furusato Kakashi

More Kakashi Pictures (Japanese)

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