JR Pass Status

Posted by NTA America on Apr 25th 2022

Travel for tourism from overseas is still not permitted in Japan. 

Non-Japanese Passport Holders:

In regards to the JR Pass, even if you have a visa, the JR Pass may not be redeemable unless you have a “Temporary Visitor” visa. If you enter Japan under any other official status, such as “Trainee”, “Entertainer”, or “Reentry Permit”, you cannot pick up or exchange the JAPAN RAIL PASS. According to strict interpretation of the Japanese Immigration Law, “Temporary Visitor” status differs from "short term stay". 

Japanese Passport Holders:

Please check your eligibility for using the JR Pass. People who have both their Japanese passport and written proof obtained from the embassy or legation of Japan in the foreign country where they live that they have been living legally in the country for 10 consecutive years or more have the eligibility.

The exchange counters are currently open, and listed on the JR Pass voucher. The information changes daily due to shortened opening hours, please refer to the official website.