Update on COVID-19 in Japan

Travel Restrictions

From July 1st, Japan will deny entry from 129 countries. The measures of strengthened quarantine (stay at the hotel for 14 days) and suspension of Visa exemption are now valid until the end of July. Also, for the time being, all passengers need to take the PCR tests upon arrival and wait for the results. For the official announcement of our border control, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government is negotiating to ease the entry ban on Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam for business trips. It also prepares to start a similar discussion with Taiwan.

For the domestic market, from June 19th, people are free to travel across prefectural boundaries. Tokyo has lifted all restrictions on businesses. 


Major bus tours have been cancelled until the end of September. Please check our list of cancelled tours.

As you may be concerned, the Japanese government has not yet mentioned when they will welcome foreign tourists. With this situation, for FIT (individual travelers), we will not charge you for the cancellation fee until 21 days prior to the arrival date. We are checking all the bookings by arrival dates. Please inform your clients and let us know their final decision.


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