Japan Rail Pass Regional - Terms and Conditions

Regional Pass Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Regional Rail Pass site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Terms and Conditions related to the use and purchase of the Japan Rail Pass/Regional Pass


Valid for the railways, buses, and ferry boats at the designated region.

Railways of each designated area’s JR Group, Shinkansen super express train (except "NOZOMI"& "MIZUHO"), limited express trains, express trains, and rapid or local trains. (not usable on some trains)

JR Bus, Local lines of each designated area’s JR Bus in Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai, West Japan, Chugoku, JR Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu, -Tomei Highway Bus, Meishin Highway Bus and Chugoku Highway.

JR Ferry: If your pass is within the designated area
Miyajima/Miyajimaguchi (not usable on Beetle II Hakata/Pusan)

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is not valid on the "NOZOMI" & "MIZUHO" Shinkansen trains. If you wish to use these trains, you must pay the ordinary fare and the limited express charge, and if it is in a Green car, then the additional Green car surcharge. An additional charge is required for a private compartment and a sleeping car.


The Exchange Order can be converted to a PASS at the each area’s designated RAIL PASS exchange offices
The Exchange Order is valid for 3 months starting from the date of issuance, and it can be exchanged within the designated dates of the area pass.


The Regional Pass is a special ticket that is available only to travelers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sightseeing. To be eligible to purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS you must meet one of the following two conditions.

1. You are a foreign tourist visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing, under the entry status of "temporary visitor".
* Only persons who have a passport bearing this "temporary visitor" stamp can use a JAPAN RAIL PASS.
* Note: Person meeting the above conditions is required to show the proof of eligibility at both the time of purchase of an Exchange Order and also when exchanging it to a JAPAN RAIL PASS.
*Note: Japanese Passport holders cannot use regional passes.


Seat reservations can be made without additional payment. To make a reservation, apply at any Travel Service Center or a Reservation Office (Midori-no-madoguchi) at a designated JR station. There, show your PASS, and obtain your reserved-seat ticket before boarding. A non-reserved seat can be used simply by showing your JAPAN RAIL PASS. Seat reservations cannot be made before you receive the PASS in Japan.

The periods when seat reservations are particularly difficult to secure are as follow:
December 29 to January 5 (New Year holidays)
April 29 to May 5 (the Golden Week annual holidays)
August 13 to 15 (Obon, traditional homecoming holidays)


Additional charges are required if you are boarding a private compartment or sleeping berth. The PASS is not valid for "NOZOMI"& "MIZUHO" Shinkansen train, and a separate full fare ticket must be purchased.


[Exchange Order]
An Exchange Order that has not been turned in for a PASS can be refunded only at the same office that issued the Exchange Order within one year after the date of issue.
*A handling charge and a communication fee, set within the regulations of each issuing office, will be deducted at a rate of 10%.

After the Exchange Order is exchanged for a JAPAN RAIL PASS /Regional Pass and before the PASS is used, the PASS can be refunded at any the designated exchange office of the Japan Railways Groups.
* 10% of the yen price of the PASS will be charged as a handling fee.
* No refund can be made for any reason on or after the first day of use.
* Neither refunds nor extensions of the validity period can be made on a PASS in the event of train's non-operation, delay, or the like.

*The cost of shipping will not be refunded. In addition, shipping fee for any Exchange Orders required to be shipped back to NTA America will be the responsibility of the customer.


Neither an Exchange Order nor a PASS can be reissued if lost or stolen.


1. A Regional Pass is strictly limited to the assigned individuals; it is not transferable from one person to another.
2. You should carry your passport during travel, and be prepared to show it upon request.
3. These and other usage conditions follow the Japan Railways Group passenger transportation regulations and Japanese laws.